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Relational Resources

Relational resources include biblically-based one-day relationship classes offered several times a year at various locations.  Many other opportunities for fellowship include the "Listening for Heaven's Sake"class, the "Renewing the Mind" class, and the "Speaking the Truth in Love" class.


Emotional Resources

Emotional resources include biblically-based counseling referrals and classes offered throughout the year.  Ask us for a list of counselors that have agreed to the New Mercies Mission and Vision Statements, as well as other counselors included in the Pathways Resource guide and more.

Spiritual Resources
Spiritual resources include Discovery Groups, Life Groups, Mentor Groups, church referrals, prayer, discipleship, biblical education video library, and more.  A "New Image" course is being developed.


Physical Resources

Physical resource network includes Christian and government agencies which offer physical assistance for food, clothing, housing and other needs.

   Click Here  for the latest New Mercies Resources Street Sheet .


This page was updated 3/28/2024

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